Beginning your senior year

Angelique Taylor

Senior year is slowly approaching for juniors, and knowing where you’ll stand with others, what you will need for classes, and time management is essential. Time to get on it and know what you’ll need! This senior year will be the best if you make it your best, and here are five tips to help you become more successful in your senior year, in order to avoid stress. These tips will help all seniors to be successful and gracefully make their way through and finish high school.


Time management 

Time management is important to keep yourself on your toes and on top of assignments, I know it is hard to be productive sometimes but make sure you keep a calendar handy or restrict yourself on certain things, such as your phone or computer use as these things can be very distracting, make sure to make time for your assignments first thing before hanging out with friend or having fun, you will surely thank yourself later.


Discard the useless electives 

It’s important to have all your points for the end of the year to graduate and to get into university or college you have always dreamed of, but what you don’t need are extra work and electives you don’t need, discarding the useless electives will help you stay on track with your needed courses to get into college. Don’t add extra stress and unnecessary work into your life. 


Make time for your hobbies

Time as a senior might get very hard and stressful for you, so take time to yourself and get back to your hobbies after you are done with your homework. You need time to relax and clear your mind before your next test, so don’t feel guilty for having fun sometimes.


Don’t let your assignments pile 

The single biggest mistake you can make as a senior is letting your work pile up! Make sure to get assignments that are due done so you do not need to go to summer school. Letting your assignments pile up is giving yourself more work in the long run because you will be making up old work while trying to manage current and upcoming assignments, so make sure you get it done within the week or ask for extended time if the assignment work is heavy, so you don’t get a zero on that assignment.


Making flash/notecards 

The other big mistake seniors have is not making flashcards or notecards to study or help them on tests. Only some teachers let their students write on notecards for certain tests. If your teacher does not let you write on a notecard for your test later, be sure to study the important information and make flashcards. If your teacher does let you use a notecard on your test, make sure you write important information you need in order to pass the test.