Ayala schedule change


Avery Rosas

The 2021 schedule change is something that has created a lot of controversy, and has sparked emotion from many different people. The change added 5 more minutes to each class and extended the day to start at 7:20am and end at 2:37pm. Staff members voted on the change, which was initially intended to give struggling students extra support, after having to be at home due to the global pandemic in 2020. 

I’d rather see this time well spent on giving students the extra time/help they need during school hours.” Spanish Teacher Sra. Park said. “Perhaps they could have dedicated those extra minutes at the end of the day to go see teachers to get more help.” 

In addition to this not working out for students, she added that “I sure feel the exhaustion by 6th period and I am sure it’s the same for the students.” When asked about her in-class progress and lesson pacing she said, “To be honest, I am a bit off pace. I am still adjusting my lessons and load of activities.” She later added that it was nice to have later online classes and longer periods. “We did more activities and lessons while taking short breaks.”

Students have felt just as strongly about the change. They’ve noted that they have felt more tired and exhausted by the end of the day, due to their lack free time. “I’m in sports, the practices are the same but the longer day annoys me since I’m getting home later and still have homework.” Junior baseball team member Sebastian Oliva said. “Getting out later makes me tired. I have little to no time to do my homework and prepare myself for the next day.” 

Students that do not participate in sports agree that it hasn’t been any easier. “Classes are all an hour long now and some of them feel like they’re going to drag on forever.” Junior Emme Rosas said. “I don’t have many friends in my classes so I’m stuck drawing in my free time.” Emme says that her social life has taken a hit due to the extra school time. She attributes this to being tired from the longer day and need to have an earlier sleep schedule. 

Regarding the change from an 8:20am online start to a 7:20am in-school start, she adds, “I think COVID really changed everything, it’s been hard getting back into a routine and not getting as much sleep as I would like.” In addition to this, she mentions that “The weekdays feel so much longer and the weekend feels so short.” 

The schedule change seemed to cause mainly negative feelings and emotions.  When asked if he would change the schedule back, Oliva said “I would 100%. The day went by so quickly. I would be home by 4 and not be so stressed just to get to school on time.”

Many staff members mention that they feel more exhausted by the end of the day. A multitude of students state that they have felt deprived of social interactions and are exhausted more frequently. Sports players are beginning to have less and less time to complete assignments, and for staff less time to grade assignments. Try not to be late, the bell rings at 7:20am sharp.