College applications: the stress of moving on

Naomi Lopez

It’s that time of year: college applications are back in session. As the due date of November 30th arises, many students are scrambling to get their applications perfected and ready to submit to their dream schools. 

As everyone starts to rush through college applications, submissions, and more; a lot of students are feeling the heat of the upcoming due date.

“The essays do require quite lengthy time, and it’s hard to put aside time for that and attend school work and extracurriculars,” senior Nicole Turisno said.

 “The application process has been a really insightful process as it forces me to reflect on both educational and non educational aspects of life, as well as how they shaped me into who I am today,”  Turisno said.

Despite the cramped schedule that Turisno has, she still finds a way to look at the bright side of things. Although college applications are notorious for causing difficulties when it comes to managing a lifestyle all while finishing those essays, everyone can learn something from it. Sometimes though, the college application process can have more negative effects than positive.

“The application process has been terrifying. It’s made me so stressed to the point I don’t even want to apply to places,” senior Claire DuBoise said. 

“So far in the application process I’ve only gotten my letter. It’s been extremely difficult because I can’t decide where I want to apply and if I have $70+ to spend on application,” DuBoise said.  

Money is something that is tight with many people, especially because it costs quite the amount to even apply. Many can’t afford their dream schools without falling into debt, and these students cannot be blamed for fearing the application process. 

“It’s harder for me to actually find the motivation to work on applications than it is to actually work on them,”  Ayala senior Taryn Momtgomery said. “I’m probably not where I should be.”

College applications can be tough. They’re draining, and they require a lot of work and effort. Multiple students have come forward to say that they’re struggling in the process, but it’s important to find the light in this situation. 

 I feel sad to leave all the memories I’ve made in high school behind as I prepare for college, however, I am excited for what the future holds,”  Turisno said.