DJ Agbayani: Moments In Choir


DJ Agbayani

Junior DJ Agbayani (third from right) participates in choir’s 22nd annual Madrigal Feaste. Being in choir has served as a welcoming family that Agbayani feels he can depend on to feel accepted as well as to improve his singing skills.

Katelyn Jimenez, Staff Reporter

Ayala High School’s Choir is filled with a lot of talented students that can express themselves through singing. Choir goes to many different events for performances, such as festivals and other schools. They also host choir camps before school starts so kids can come out and get a taste of what it would be like if they joined. 

With that being said, junior DJ Agbayani is an active member in the Choir. He joined the choir this year and has been in it for 6 months. He joined because he likes to sing and wanted to get better.

“I found my passion for singing at an early age like most kids do when they sing their favorite songs,” said Agbayani. “I loved the confidence it gave me and I felt great about myself.” 

Agbayani loves to try new things. He joins clubs or activities that he feels the most comfortable and lively in.

“My favorite part about the choir is the family atmosphere it has,” Agbayani stated. “It’s a place where I feel like I belong.”

Choir practices go on for two hours every Wednesday after school, in addition to its average class period. With choir everyday for three hours once a week plus practicing at home, how does a choir kid spend their free time?

“On days I don’t have choir practices I would go home, workout, then finish up any homework I have before I go to sleep,” said Agbayani. “But, I practice singing in between these, because I am very passionate about it.”

Choir recently held their 22nd annual Madrigal Feaste back in November which included music, food, and a show. Agbayani can describes this performance as “our best performance so far.”

“I am very proud of how we did,” said Agbayani. “We all put in our best effort and we made it happen together as a team and as friends.”

My favorite part about the choir is the family atmosphere it has. It’s a place where I feel like I belong.

— DJ Agbayani (11), Ayala Choir

To get a better understanding of what he’s like as a person, close friend Jude Rubalcaba (11) was more than happy to describe Agbayani.

“He really is a genuine person because he’s always there for you,” said Rubalcaba. “I have been wanting to join choir for some time and he makes me want to join more because of how he describes it.”

Rubalcaba has been friends with Agbayani since freshman year when they met through orchestra playing in the violin section together.

“I’d say some of his best qualities are that he is sociable and gets along with everyone,” said Rubalcaba.

Robert Davis, Ayala’s Choir teacher, has gotten to know Agbayani as a student for the past year.

DJ is a charismatic, fun-loving student,” said Mr. Davis. “He always picks up his classmates and puts a smile on their faces. He’s always positive and supportive, which are such important traits.”

Mr. Davis has seen Agbayani’s passion for singing grow and appreciates his desire to improve whenever he can.

“I can tell he loves choir because he puts his best effort in each and every day,” said Mr. Davis. “He’s willing to ask for help when needed and is constantly trying to improve himself musically.” 

Mr. Davis describes Agbayani as a “social magnet” with the other students and makes sure no one feels left out.

“That is one of the reasons why people are drawn to him because he makes sure everyone is included and feels welcome.”