Creative hobbies to pursue


Angelique Taylor

Creativity is more of concept than a strict set of activities. You can be creative in a multitude of ways and through different mediums, all you need is your imagination!

Angelique Taylor

Are you bored out of your mind? Having nothing to do but lay around and yet you despise sitting down? Lets look at five ways to be collectively motivated and creative! And have fun exploring different aspects of life that can connect you with yourself, along with making this with friends would be a amazing experience. Here are some ideas and places around California that you can go to, unleash your creativity!

Drawing and Painting 

Being creative  means you can manifest all your creatives ideas onto people, monsters, half ghouls or anything your heart desires and your imagination can create. Downtown Los Angeles offers wonderful stores offering a variety of different art supplies to help you with any drawing or painting needs. All that you’ll need are a couple of materials, and with the help of a YouTube tutorial or even your own creativity, you can create a wonderful masterpiece!

Art & Craft supply in Downtown LA

Arts and Crafts

Crafts are relatively easy and cheap if you don’t set your expectations up too high for a final product. The art chain store Micheals is located in many areas of California. You can craft just about anything with anything laying in your house, or from buying craft supplies at the store. You can use many types of materials such as straws, paper, beads and ornaments. Being able to create something out of nothing is the top characteristic of a true artist.

Micheals Arts & Crafts

Writing/Story Telling 

Not all people like to draw, however,  some love to express themselves through writing. Writing is a good form of mental exercise, that can be a relaxing source of enjoyment for many. There are many creative writers in Chino Hills, that you can meet up with in order to share thoughts, processes and stories. You can write stories, poems, or even letters to yourself for growth, or others for giving appreciation in a more meaningful way. Writing in itself doesn’t need to fit into one genre, but you can expand on these ideas making it more you. The website Meetup is a great website that can be used to begin writing with a group either online or in person!



Baking as a hobby isn’t too hard to come by these days, especially living in a post-pandemic world where many had to find enjoyment in their homes. In our own homes, we have just about everything to make a batch of cookies or a loaf of bread. Claremont’s Chef’s Academy will get you creative while cooking which is important, as that’s how some of the greatest bakers came to be. Easily, you can pull a recipe off of your phone or one of the magazines your mom has laying around about cooking, and find those ingredients in your kitchen and make it right there! Remind yourself there’s room for trial and error but that is what makes a good baker, and Claremont’s Chef’s Academy will help you with just that. 

Claremont Chef’s Academy


Hopefully, this expanded your ideas about creativity and gave you some motivation to be creatively you! Most of these things should be easy as most of us having these things laying around or right in front of you, you will be able to be expressive and creative in your own way.