Squid Game: Netflix’s #1 show



Tiffany Kye

Viewer discretion is advised for Squid Game.

The latest Netflix Korean drama Squid Game has spurred passionate discussions amongst viewers of the show. Many are impressed with the high-budget filming techniques and acting featured in the drama; others are disappointed by the drama’s unexpected ending. 

Fans of Squid Game emphasize the show’s unique takeaway that differs from the typical theme of Korean dramas. 

“My greatest takeaway was to not be greedy for money, as money doesn’t bring happiness,” said Joseph Lee. 

“My favorite part of the show was the tug of war scene because of the teamwork the main characters showed,” said Sadie Tak, “They proved that strength didn’t matter, but working together was the key.”

Viewers formed emotional connections with the characters in the show, as each character had a unique backstory that touched the hearts of viewers. 

“I relate to Saebyeok’s younger brother the most because I also have an older sister,” said Lee. He claims that the characters’ backstories are “extremely sad at times, and even made [him] shed a tear.”

The ambiguity of the show has been both praised and criticized. 

“I thought the ending was crazy and all the suspicions clicked and made sense,” said Tak when asked about her opinions on the ending of Squid Game. “I enjoyed the cliffhanger because it keeps us on our toes for the next season and has us guessing what it may be about.”


In contrast to viewers that relished the ambiguous ending of Squid Game, many viewers defend that several scenes deserved deeper elaboration.

“[The director] should have included more scenes about the main character and his daughter towards the end of the show,” Lindsey Yang said.

“How were the red suited staff selected?” said Lee.

Lee and Yang recommend Squid Game to others.

“The show was very entertaining and awe-inspiring, and it has a bunch of plot twists that make your brain explode,” Said Lee.

 “[Squid Game] was a lot more entertaining than I thought it would be based on its title,” said Yang.

Yang further elaborated, “Based on the synopsis of Squid Game, I thought the show would be unique and full of action. Once I actually watched Squid Game, I think it exceeded my expectations.”

Tak recommends the show to others as well due to its uniqueness and the important message that it conveys. 

“I think Squid Game is so unique compared to the other dramas because it incorporates the movie Saw but with Korean games,” said Tak, “It also gives a lesson about people how they are willing to be selfish when it comes to money and their life. I think the games, the motive behind it, and the plot just makes it unique overall.”