Girls’ Basketball is Preparing for the Future

Xavier Madsen, Staff Member

Basketball season starts soon at Ayala and everyone is pumped for it, although no one is more ready than the girls’ basketball team. They are putting in the work and the hours into practicing to be prepared for everything this upcoming season.

Senior Vlada Kuvshinova, post player for the girls’ basketball team, went on to say how hard the team is practicing for the upcoming season and waiting with anticipation.

“I would say the team is really committed to giving our all and putting 110% forward to be the best and win CIF again this year,” Kuvshinova said.

She continued on to say how often they were giving it everything they got and putting in the work.

“We practice almost every day, Monday through Friday, for about 2 and a half hours per day,” Kuvshinova said.

Kuvshinova wanted to explain why she chose this sport over something like track and field, in hopes of getting others to develop a love of the sport.

“I chose to join the basketball team because I like the skill aspect of the game. It’s constantly engaging and keeps me on my toes.”

Junior Emily Cruz, point guard, explained why she loves the game and joined Ayala’s basketball team.

“I like the sport of basketball because it’s focused on teamwork and everyone contributing towards one goal, as well as I just find it fun,” said Cruz.

Cruz thinks that the team is very good, especially winning CIF last year. However people at the top always have enemies, Ayala included.

“Our biggest competitor this upcoming season will probably be Glendora because they are pretty good and work hard,” Cruz said.

Kuvshinova agrees with Cruz. When Kuvshinova was asked, she echoed the similar sentiments as her team member.

“I think that Glendora could be Ayala’s biggest rival because their record is really good and they placed high in CIF last year,” Kuvshinova said.

However, there is a saying that the rich get richer. Kuvshinova seems to think that’ll be the case this year in girls basketball.

“I would say that Ayala seems like they will be the star of the show this upcoming season because we won CIF last year,” Kuvshinova said.

Larissa Goshi, shooting guard for Ayala’s girls’ basketball team, wanted to explain that there is more than just winning.

“My goal for the season is to succeed, obviously, but also to make friends and to give my all, and I think those are pretty good goals for life as well, honestly,” Goshi said.