The Qualifications for the Qatar World Cup


By: Xavier Madsen

Even cute animals love to play with soccer balls.

Xavier Madsen, Staff Member

The Qatar World Cup qualifiers are a little bit more than halfway through with being set to end in June 2022. The World Cup should’ve started already but due to covid, it clearly hasn’t. Whether you call it football or soccer everyone is anticipating the tournament this time around, due to the lack of one last. Many teams are focusing on getting into the World Cup, maybe just as much as the dog is focusing on the soccer ball.

Junior Jerrick Tan-Rabago is waiting for one match in particular. He thinks that there will definitely be some diamonds in the rough coming out to shine this year.

“Of the matches that are left, I think Universidad de Chile vs Unión la Calera is the one I anticipate the most because of the talent that the players have on those teams. It’ll be interesting to see them compete I hope,” Tan-Rabago said.

However, it isn’t always about what is going to happen, but what already has happened. Junior Yared Abdulkadir wanted to bring light to a match that he thought was interesting.

“To me, the most interesting match was Bolivia versus Ecuador because the whole game was close in score and the teams got super hyped when their team scored a goal,” Abdulkadir said.

Tan-Rabago also had things he wanted to say about a match that happened this past year: one that happened in the CONCACAF region.

“My favorite match so far has been the U.S. national team versus Jamaica’s national team because the game ended in a draw so the match was exciting all the way through,” Tan-Rabago said.

Everyone has their biases to one side or another, applying to more things than soccer. It can be something as simple as calling a sport football or soccer. In this case, it’s about teams in soccer and all of the interviewees wanted to share their pride in their team.

“My favorite team is Argentina because they don’t lose and they also have Lionel Messi, who is my favorite player, who has brought a lot of coverage to soccer, so more people can enjoy a great pastime,” Abdulkadir said.

Tan-Rabago also wanted to make sure his team, the U.S. National Team, was represented as much as possible as well. So he wanted to put a good word in for them.

“My favorite player is Ricardo Pepi because of all the work he puts in, everyone puts in a lot of effort, but he is widely regarded for his work ethic,” Tan-Rabago said.

Junior Joseph Lopez also reveres all the time and effort these players put into their game. He hoped to help others realize more of their potential.

“I admire the work ethic that all the professionals have. It is really amazing. I think that everyone should try to be like them in the regard of chasing their dreams with everything they have,” Lopez said.