Lin Manuel Miranda and Disney’s newest “Encanto”


Sophia Torres

Newest Disney Movie, Encanto, was a HIT in theaters. Although it didn’t make as much money as other Disney releases, it was still a good enough release considering the pandemic. 

“It was nice to go out with family and watch a movie normally.” sophomore Bianca Perez said.

The movie was a mix of comedy and adventure. It satisfied many families and left them with giggles and tears. As most people know, Disney has always been good at making movies magical and that’s what they did here. 

“Oh my god! The movie was so good! I loved it and I’m definitely planning on watching it again,” said sophomore Micah Luck.

The family Madrigal has a beautiful home that they call Casita. Casita helps keep their household in order and keep the place magical. 

“I wish my home could do this, then I wouldn’t have to get out of my bed ever.” said freshman Morgan Medina. 

When each family member of the familia Madrigal comes of age, Casita creates a new sparkling door with their name on it, that grants them with a special gift. 

“My favorite character was Luisa because she was really strong and was very misunderstood. And she was also really funny,” said Perez. 

“I dont think i’ll watch it in theaters, but as soon as it comes out on Disney+, i’m definitely going to watch it.” said Freshman Yemaya King. 

The movie is filled with the culture of the South American Country.  It is set in a hidden town in the mountains in Columbia. 

Songwriter Lin-Manuel Miranda said in an interview with NPR, “We all gravitated towards Columbia because it’s kind of the home of magical realism in literature and culture…”