Artist Spotlight: Juniper Witt


Juniper Witt

Cody Flores, Staff Writer

Picking up the pencil, Juniper Witt (12) begins to sketch in their sketchbook letting their hand guide them. The strokes then begin to form an image and take the form of a beautiful woman. They then begin to color the image with vibrant colors blending and combining the colors to make it pop out, revealing a mesmerizing creation.  

Illustration created by Juniper Witt

Witt is one of many artists that attends Ayala High School. Their love for art began at a young age while watching anime. Their sister would draw some fanart of the anime and that would inspire them to want to create their own art and fanart for the anime they enjoyed. 

“I think I’ve always been interested in art, but I think the stuff I liked when I was younger definitely got me into art. I was into anime and other stuff that I wanted to make fanart for,” said Witt.

More of their inspiration of art originated from the game called Dungeons and Dragons, in which you are required to make a character. Witt wanted to be able to create their own character and world, which sparked the interest for art further. Their art style is mostly cartoonish and drawn more similarly to the show Bee and Puppy Cat

“My inspiration is the fact that I play D&D and I want to be able to draw my own characters and things for world building. My art style is very cartoonish and I want my style to be similar to Bee and Puppy Cat because it’s cute,” said Witt.

Besides making characters and fanart, Witt does traditional and digital art. However, as much as Witt enjoys art, they actually do not wish to pursue an artistic career. Rather they wish to be a history teacher. Art is more of a side hobby for Witt, but they hope to improve their art style and become more involved with painting and other types of drawing. Their goal includes improving and developing their art style more since they enjoy it.

“My goals are to improve and develop my style more because drawing is a hobby that I do enjoy and it is fun to be able to put what I think onto paper. I don’t plan to pursue art for a career but I do hope to get a wider type of art I do,” said Witt.

Witt has completed many different pieces of art and although their art is amazing, they still feel that they could push their boundaries further. Making their art pop out more and have more of a variety of styles rather than one. One of the many weaknesses that Witt faces with art is creating backgrounds and drawing hands. However, anatomy of the human body would be one of the most difficult obstacles to overcome to perfect their art. In contrast, drawing faces would be one of their strongest strengths.

Illustration by Juniper Witt

“My weaknesses are backgrounds and hands…I’ve been trying more on background and I’ve gotten used to making a rough draft before my final for art projects and I’ve been doing lots of practice for anatomy,” said Witt. 

While they are not creating art, Witt enjoys reading and studying history, which would include art history. One of their most favorite artists would be Francis Bacon. Additional hobbies of theirs would be forensics and watching films that dissect cases.

One of the biggest goals Witt has would be to become a history teacher because of their love for history and wants to share that knowledge with others. Art for Witt would continue to be a hobby that they enjoy. As the future approaches for Witt, they hope that they will be in good health, happy, and have a well paying job.