SeaWorld tributes Southern culture with Mardi Gras celebration

Cody Flores

Jazz music blares, dancers flaunt their dance moves, and tantalizing southern food is passed all around as Mardi Gras is celebrated at SeaWorld. This popular attraction celebrates Southern culture with lots of entertainment to go around.

For those unaware of Mardi Gras, it is a celebration originating from New Orleans, and is a fantastical celebration characterized by whimsical parades. Usually, it is held before Ash Wednesday and it is one of the most lively festivities in Southern culture. 

SeaWorld announced on February 16 that Mardi Gras would be celebrated within the theme park itself. This celebration would also only be held on weekends and would last until the 26th. Marking this weekend as the last few celebrations in SeaWorld before it ends.

To get attendees more aware of the celebration going on, a mini parade would march around the attraction announcing the celebration and inviting the attendees. Some workers were dressed as jesters and acrobats handing out beaded necklaces, which is a part of the celebration when parades are held. Basically as the parade marched on in New Orleans, beaded necklaces would be thrown out to people. 

Near the area where carnival games are held, there was a mini stage set up for the jazz band and for performers. There was also a mini food cart where Southern specialties samples could be purchased. At the stage at certain time spans, acrobats would perform for the audience gathered around. They also would perform a little skit pretending to argue with one another and start to do backflips, gymnastics, etc. All with the strength of the very muscular man supporting the acrobats. This made the audience captivated and in awe with the tremendous performance and strength of the man. The sudden drops and catches of the main acrobat made the audience thrilled as well. When showtime was over for the acrobats, the Jazz band would take the stage and perform jazz masterpieces. Some jesters and performers danced, as well as jesters on stilts.

Besides holding performances, there was the Southern specialties samplers cart with authentic southern foods, ranging from hush puppies, jambalaya, dirty rice, and more. Everything smelled very appetizing. Overall though the food was exceptionally delicious and stuck true to the southern culture.

Straying away from all the main attractions, there was a light tunnel heading towards the ride called the Electric Eel where it would light up at night. It was truly a beautiful experience and sight as if it was out of a dream.

If you’re looking for a good time and to party a bit while seeing marine creatures, attending the Mardi Gras at SeaWorld would be a great recommendation.