[Recap] “The Last of Us” E4: “Please Hold My Hand”


Angelique Taylor

Sam from the Last of us is a very important character and him and his brother Henry are apart of the Resistance

Cody Flores and Angelique Taylor

The new episode “Please Hold My Hand” begins with Ellie alone in the bathroom of a gas station admiring a gun she had taken from Bill’s place. Then ventured outside to Joel where he was getting gas from out of cars and started telling him some puns from her book. A little later the two were back out on the road and enjoying each other’s company while looking at the ruins of the past life. Joel then decides that they should take a break and find a place in the woods to stay the night. Making sure to extinguish any light source they had so no one would find them. Before falling asleep she asks if they’ll be safe which then led to Joel staying up all night guarding. 

In the morning the two set back out onto the road again and arrived at Kansas city where there is a tunnel blocked by wreckage of cars and trucks. Joel attempts to make the choice of whether to go back or go through on the exit and decides to go through the exit. While looking for the highway while in the city, the duo gets lost and eventually come across a man who seems to be injured. Ellie falls for the trick saying that they should help him, however, Joel sees through the alibi. Gunning the gas the truck speeds up making the “injured” man pull out a gun and shoot at them through the windshield. They successfully avoided getting shot however, the tires were shot making them crash into a building. Joel and Ellie then have to evacuate the truck, Ellie hiding behind a wall. While Joel fights the men and when he thinks they’re all dead, a teen jumps him and he struggles to fight back. 

Ellie then takes this chance to save Joel, while getting traumatized in the process and goes back to hiding behind the wall while Joel ends him. The scene then goes to a woman interrogating a man who appears to be the group’s doctor. She is looking for a man named Henry who apparently killed her brother and is looking for revenge.