Ayala Varsity Golf suffers another defeat in rematch against Murrieta Valley


Design by Elisabeth Lee

Ayala boys varsity golf suffers their second loss of the non-league season as they lose to Murrieta Valley by 26 strokes.

Elisabeth Lee, Staff Writer

After losing their last match against Murrieta Valley Varsity Boys Golf, Ayala Varsity Boys Golf competed in a rematch against Murrieta Valley. The teams competed on the North course of Los Serranos Country Club in Chino Hills. 

In the last match, Ayala scored 233 strokes, losing by 43 strokes to Murrieta Valley’s score of 190. Unfortunately, after scoring a 217, Ayala was defeated once again by Murietta whose boys scored 191. Luckily, Ayala improved from the last match by scoring 16 strokes less with the Bulldogs averaging 43 strokes each instead of 47. Murrieta averaged 38 strokes per player.

Ayala Varsity: 217

Murrieta Valley Varsity: 191

“The Nighthawks are a good team to play and learn from,” expressed Coach Capps after two matches against Murrieta Valley’s Nighthawks.

After their two consecutive losses, the Bulldogs hope to secure their fourth win in an upcoming match against Colony High School at Whispering Lakes, an eighteen hole course, in Ontario.