Varsity Softball win streak almost broken by Glendora


Trina Lizama

Taelor Walker hits a walk off to score the 2 runs, junior Ryanna Alano and senior Tehya Banks, to win the game.

Trina Lizama, Staff Writer

As the weather at Ayala High School starts to cool down, the Ayala Bulldogs and Glendora Tartans take the field. Ayala had beat Glendora the day before in a 3-0 game. They still remain undefeated in the Palomares league with a 7-0 record. Glendora goes into this game looking to seek to break the Bulldogs streak and have a league record of 3-3. 

Glendora sticks start off hot in the first inning and are looking for an early lead. Going up against Allie Lukaszewicsz, Glendora gets 1 run in the first inning to give Ayala a run for their money. With Ayala going up to bat, they face Bridget Nemeth. The top of the lineup struggled to get onto base without the expectation of fielding errors. 

Into the second inning, Lukaszewicsz kept on top of Glendora and had 2 strikeouts in the inning. Ayala gets some action with their sticks with freshman Lilian Acosta, hitting a standup triple to right field. This gets some excitement flowing throughout the team but Acosta is sadly left on third at the end of the inning. 

For almost the rest of the game, both offensively and defensively, the teams went back and forth trying to either gain a further lead or take over the 1 run lead. Karson Zavala took over in the fifth inning for the Bulldogs and Nemeth was in for the whole game. 

It wasn’t until the bottom of the seventh that things took a turn for the Bulldogs. With two down and Glendora ready to celebrate breaking Ayala’s win streak, Taelor Walker hit a walkoff RBI to left field, allowing 2 runs to score and win the game. 

Ayala looks like they are heading into CIF undefeated this season, with their league record being 8-0. With Glendora being 3rd in league and a 3-4 record, their season is not looking to be in CIF with Bonita’s record.