Girls water polo team maintains a steady schedule

Teresa Huang

Girls’ water polo has begun as one of the winter sports. They have been training to prepare for their league games ever since it started for them.

Especially girls water polo, they are extremely involved and have around 2-3 games a week while having 3-hour practices after school.

“We begin with conditioning, then we warm up our arms and legs. After we focus on concept drills to utilize in the game that will cover every situation that occurs in the game. Finally, we finish off with a scrimmage by dividing the team in half,” said girls varsity water polo senior Kalanie Parrot. 

In order for the team to do well in their future games, they have to take advantage of their time during their practice hours.

League games are important to the girl’s water polo team but there are also higher goals for them to reach. One of them is the CIF that they are trying to make into. In order for them to reach that goal, the different activities, and drills that they incorporate into their practices help them improve their skills such as scrimmaging.

“My favorite activity is scrimmaging because it gives us opportunities to make mistakes so that we can learn from them. It’s also fun we have the support of our teammates cheering us on,” said girls varsity water polo sophomore Isabella Cocks.  This is the time where they try and see what works best for them and when to use each “move.”

Although water polo may seem entertaining, it is not as easy as it seems. Especially water polo involves a lot of nonstop swimming and physical contact, which can also be harder for the girls because they like to pull each other’s suits.

But “One main thing that everyone should know about girls water polo is that we are a very dedicated team and that it is a really fun sport,” said varsity girls water polo sophomore Bethany Dougherty. 

Although girls’ water polo may not be as popular as the other sports, it is still a sport everyone can try out if interested.

There are its difficulties and the intensity that it emits from it but, “the community is accepting and it will get you into amazing shape fast,” said Parrot.