Ayala Varsity Golf suffers first league loss of season


Design by Elisabeth Lee

Ayala suffers first league loss against Bonita by a mere three strokes.

Elisabeth Lee, Staff Writer

On Monday, April 17, Ayala Boys Varsity competed in an away league match against Bonita High School. The two teams played the front nine holes (par 35) of Bonita’s home course, Marshall Canyon Golf Course, from 2:30 pm to 5:00 pm. 

Going into the game, Ayala was hoping to win their fifth consecutive league match in an attempt to become undefeated Palomares Champions. Unfortunately, with the scores only a margin away from each other, the Bulldogs lost their first league match by a mere three strokes against Bonita’s golfers. Ayala shot a 206, averaging about 41. strokes per player or 6 over par. Bonita barely secured their win with a score of 203, barely over 40 strokes per player or 5 over par. Ayala was led by Jake Hirose (9), who shot +4 score of 39 on the course. 

Ayala Varsity: 206

Bonita Varsity: 203

After their first loss of the league season, Ayala is hoping to win the next six league matches and secure the title of Palomares League Champions. Although this match stifled their chances of being undefeated, the Bulldogs are determined to play their best in the following weeks. Ayala will compete in their next match against Claremont High School in an away game at Marshall Canyon Golf Course in La Verne.