Girls Basketball team prepares for CIF


By: Ece Aliyazicioglu

Larissa Goshi, Malia Ishibashi

Teresa Huang, Staff Member

Girls basketball has returned and back on the busy schedule practices. Training, games, fun practice activities, and of course the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF). 

Girls basketball is a very dedicated team especially when it comes to games whether it’s home or away, small or big.

“The main thing that everyone should know about girls basketball is that we are the 2020-2021 CIF Southern Section champs and we are trying to go for a second year,” said varsity girls basketball player Malia Ishibashi. Setting goals with the team also tends to help encourage everyone to do well. 

But in order for the girl’s basketball team to make it into the larger and more high-stakes games, lots of training needs to be done.

“We’re just prepping for league games by doing more intense practice with lots of running and workouts. We run plays and do a bunch of drills,” said varsity girls basketball player Megan Diep. During their practices, it is the best time to learn from mistakes without any penalty and prepare for their future games. 

Besides girls basketball having their serious times, they also have more enjoyable activities rather than just practice drills.

“Occasionally we will try and go out to eat for team bonding, we do something called ‘Secret Sister’ which is bringing a gift for one of your teammates on every away league game. The point is to sneak it into their classroom without them knowing it is you,” said varsity girls basketball player Larissa Goshi.

Despite the fact that basketball is one of the most competitive sports, team bonding is important to do once in a while for a supportive team. However, basketball’s environment is competitive so when it comes to each game, the players all try and strive to be better than all the previous games that were played. 

But some people may say that basketball may not even be considered difficult but in reality, the players work really hard and train themselves to be better each day. “It’s not actually as easy as it looks,” said Diep.