A Close Game: LA Rams Win Super Bowl

Members of the community celebrate the Rams Superbowl win, discuss key points of the game, and share how rooting for the Rams has changed them.

Katelyn Jimenez

Members of the community celebrate the Rams’ Superbowl win, discuss key points of the game, and share how rooting for the Rams has changed them.

Katelyn Jimenez

This year’s 2022 Super Bowl Champions are the Los Angeles Rams, which played a close game against the Cincinnati Bengals coming out with a last minute 23-20 point win on February 13th. The Rams scored the first two touchdowns. The first touchdown was thrown by Matthew Stafford (#9) and caught in the end zone by Odell Beckham Jr. (#3). The second one was also thrown by Stafford. Cooper Kupp (#10) made the catch for the Ram’s second touchdown. When everything seemed to be going in play for the Rams, they missed their extra point after their second touchdown, which cost them later in the game as they were up by 13 instead of 14.

However, the Bengals came back, with the Rams being down 16-20 in the 4th quarter with 1 minute and 25 seconds left. Stafford threw the ball to Kupp, and Kupp made a touchdown, putting the Rams in a 23-20 point lead. Although the Rams were winning, the Bengals were trying to catch up within the remaining seconds, but Aaron Donald (#99) was able to tackle the Bengals quarterback, Joe Burrow, winning them the game. 

Junior Ian Yzabal has been a fan of the Rams since 2016, after the Rams came to LA, and started to pay more attention to them. He attended his first Los Angeles Rams game in 2019 at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.

I didn’t know what to expect since both teams had to go through some of the toughest teams in the NFL. I felt that it was going to be a close game,” said Yzabal. 

The game was close, with both teams determined to take the Super Bowl Champion title. Also, with a close game, each team tried, or did make fantastic plays. 

“I’d say Staffords no-look pass was the most crucial play,” said Yzabal. “It was a huge risk but helped us get the game winning touchdown”. 

Each team played to the best of their abilities, but there could have been only one winner that would determine who was the better team and who wanted it more. 

“I think the Rams were the better team due to us having a team with so many veterans with playoff experience and the Bengals being a much younger team,” said Yzabal. 

Many people had different reactions to the Rams winning the Super Bowl because it was a very “on-edge” game where you couldn’t predict what the outcome would be like or what could happen next. 

“My first initial reaction to seeing the Rams win was that I couldn’t believe they actually won because the whole game was very close and it could have gone either way,” said junior Julio Del Muro. “I was so overflowed with joy for the rams and the players on the team.” 

Continuing on from that Del Muro shares his thoughts on how well they played and that their win was well deserved due to their hard work and dedication.

“I believe they deserved to win that game because the team played hard and practiced hard every single week to muster a win, and there were so many veteran players who deserved a ring,” said Del Muro. “They had a great coaching staff and overall a really good team offense and defense wise.” 

After their win, the Rams celebrated with two Super Bowl rally parades. Their first one was at Disneyland, the day after the Super Bowl, in which dancers performed for them before their float drove by. Disney characters such as Donald Duck, Minnie and Mickey, Pluto, Goofy and Chip and Dale, also made an appearance at the parade.The float included Rams players Matthew Stafford, Aaron Donland, and Cooper Kupp. 

Their second parade was their biggest one. The players were driven on buses starting on West Jefferson Boulevard and headed south on Figueroa street to enter the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. As the streets were closed, hundreds of Rams fans came out to support their NFL champions as confetti flew in the air, allowing them to celebrate the Rams’ win with their families.