[Photo Gallery] The artistry in culture: South Asian Culture Club hosts a henna booth

South Asian Culture Club’s henna booth allowed for students, even those who are not members of the club, to be given the chance of receiving henna tattoos

Sayee Deshmukh, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Henna; a tradition that has existed for centuries, yet is still an important staple of South Asian culture to this very day. From weddings to birthday parties, getting mehndi (henna) done on the hands, arms and feet is both a symbol of joy and celebration, as well as a fun way of getting to spend time with friends and family. On November 10, 2022, Ayala’s South Asian Culture Club hosted a henna booth after school in room B138, giving the opportunity for students to get simple henna designs done on their arms for $5. The event was successful, and the money raised will go back to funding events that South Asian Culture Club will host in the future. Check out the stunning designs that club president Shreeyaa Phate (10), as well as Diya Suresh (10) and Prapti Prajapati (10) created.