Rivals turn partners?: Chino Hills High opens Sadies dance to the students of Ayala


Olivia Mendoza

As Chino Hills opens their Sadies dance to Ayala, the possibilities of additional collaborations are endless.

Olivia Mendoza

After the announcement of the cancellation of the Sadie Hawkins dance, sophomore secretary Jeshua Hennerty took it upon himself to reach out to the United Student Body (USB) at Chino Hills High School in hopes of further opening up the Huskie’s “Sadies at the Disco” dance to the Bulldogs, which is set to take place on Saturday, February 25th. 

With further discussion between Hennerty, Chino Hills sophomore secretary Stanley Avila, and Chino Hills USB President Jalon Appauh, the three were able to turn their dream of a joint dance into a reality. 

“Once we saw the backlash that [the school was] receiving for canceling Sadies, we collectively decided to incorporate as many Ayala students as possible. There was a lot of positive feedback because each high school mingles with each other’s student body,” Avila said. “As far as the admin, they were on board with the idea. They make it apparent that they put students first.” 

Although this was just recently announced, many students can now hopefully look forward to more joint collaborations with the rival campus, only if administration would like to follow through with these ideas. 

“Originally my idea was to have a joint dance next year around Battle For the Bone,” Hennerty said. “Build up a rivalry but then come together and have fun. I know that a lot of people would go and it would make a lot of money for both of our schools. Once they cancelled our Sadie’s, I just put my plan into fast forward.” 

Although this collaborative dance plan was not initiated or affiliated with the current USB class at Ayala, students still had the ability to have their voice heard, and their ideas put directly into action. 

“I find it awesome that Chino Hills has opened their Sadie’s dance to us because we should be cooperating as we are two schools in the same district,” junior USB member Andrew Hwang said. 

Even though the turnout of the dance is still yet to be determined, this further paves the way for the future of the Huskies and the Bulldogs, and the possibility of their newfound partnership in terms of school spirit. 

“Students, speak up and participate! Students have to be willing to make some noise in order to have their voices heard,” Hennerty said. “I think they’d be more willing to participate if they felt represented.”