Positive School Culture Club promotes positivity among campus and community

President of Positive School Culture Club (PSC) and counselor Ryan Venegas discusses the benefits of positivity and its impact on students


Brenda Murilo (12)

Pictured: Members of Positive School Culture Club (PSC) Daniel Choi (10), Frances Shu (10), Hannah Gu (10), and Ally Foo (10) hold their certificates of membership for the club

Teresa Huang, Staff Reporter

Positivity spread around school is an important source to have on campus and our community. At Ayala, the Positive School Culture Club (PSC) is known to be the one that is responsible for the good vibes. PSC is a volunteer based club whose goal is to spread as much positivity they can throughout the school campus. Doing so this can help strengthen many bonds between students and create a safe community for everyone. 

Their positivity is also spread across the Chino Hills community where they hold events such as fundraisers, food drives, clothing drives, and more. The members and officers of the club always have the best bond since everyone is on the same track to reach a specific goal. Their goals are to always help one another and have a passion and willingness to create positive vibes.

“I wanted to spread that joy and open it up to people who have the motive to also want to spread positivity and I couldn’t think of a better way of doing that than starting a club on campus and with the help of Mr. Venegas, it became a high success,” said President of PSC Brenda Murillo. Although Murillo may be leaving, the legacy of this club that she has created will continue and more to come. Seeing the evolution of this club grow throughout the years into it being a better club will also continue. 

Members of PSC get to go deeper into realizing the benefits of being positive and helpful. “I have learned that these truly special students have empathy towards others, care for what others are doing and want to make their day, week, month, year brighter, ” said advisor Ryan Venegas. Here at this club, negativity is avoided since everyone strives for the opposite to stay motivated to be selfless. 

All of their meetings are held to just discuss their life and to update each other while they bond and brainstorm ideas for the club. “In our club meetings we often have some sort of reflective activity for our club members usually centered towards being grateful for what one has rather than hav- nots,” said UCC representative/media Angela Khadour. These meetings then become a comfortable space for members and officers since everyone can relate and understand more about one another. 

Anyone is always welcome to join PSC where attendants can experience the different opportunities for community service and just all the positivity that is spread from the campus to community. “PSC is to help spread positivity, unity, a sense of family and belonging to the entire Bulldog family,” said Venegas.