[Artist Spotlight] Adam Gutierrez turns his imagination into reality

Cody Flores

Soft lofi music sounds from the speaker of a phone, placed to the side of a sketch being created in a sketchbook. Adam Gutierrez’s (12) hand gripping the pencil gently as he sketches graceful lines forming the shape of a character of his creation. Focused and in the zone, he soon comes to a stop gazing upon his creation with awe. 

Gutierrez, a senior here at Ayala, is among one of the many artists here enrolled in AP Art. Unlike other  traditional artists that individuals are used to seeing, he specializes in cartoon/game art. Meaning that he draws mostly characters from games like Super Mario Bros, Pokemon, and Cuphead. Some creations of his are also from very cartoony shows like Cuphead the Show, The Amazing World of Gumball, etc. His love for art began with watching animated shows and movies as a child. 

“I learned that they [animations] were drawings brought to life,” explained Gutierrez, “so I soon began learning how to draw in order to go and create my own animated stories and creations.” 

With his motivation from animation inspiring him to draw and create his own stories he embarked on the journey of becoming an animator. Other motives such as praise and encouragement from his friends and family and the goal of creating his own show keeps him going. Currently Gutierrez is working hard in art class, AP 2D Design, in making his creations more complex and exciting. Including improving his art skills more to achieve his dream of animation. 

“I’m currently striving to become a professional animator, and I will be attending a university with a program for animation.” he excitedly announces. “I currently specialize in character design; however, I am also experimenting with environments and storyboard design.” 

What makes his skills even more impressive is that he himself is self taught from a young age. With the exception of taking a few art classes the school provides in order to gain more knowledge. While not creating art, he can be found spending time with friends, playing video games, and watching YouTube. However, his true love will always be art, what has inspired him for years. 

“The amount of genuine joy and fun that art brings to me is what made my love for art grow more and more, even to this day. My goal of creating my very own animated show, as well as the positive praise from my friends and family are all elements that motivate me to continue developing my art skills.” 

Gutierrez’s message to those interested in art, or eager to chase their artistic dream: follow your dreams and passion with hard work and you will be rewarded and happy.