Kanye West can’t stay away from controversy


Sayee Deshmukh

Anti-semitism as featured above, as well as other forms of discrimination against minority groups have led to the restriction of Kanye West’s social media presence. Although some may agree with his statements, many more are open to condemn West’s actions, as they are both offensive and can influence many to believe in the harmful beliefs that West unabashedly supports.

Dallas Mangold, Staff Writer

Kanye West, also known as Ye, has been making headlines across the US due to his recent chain of controversial actions. This isn’t the first time West has been in the headlines, as in the past he has been in the media in regards to his divorce with Kim Kardashian and his conflicts with different rappers and other public figures.

For a short duration of time, West stayed out of the public eye but started making his way back when pictures of his texts with a variety of rappers resurfaced. What made this strange was that these rappers were known to be friends with West, and now all of a sudden they were feuding with one another. 

These text messages would end up being the least of West’s concerns, as he now faces backlash in regards to a shirt he wore at Paris Fashion Week. The shirt, reading “White Lives Matter” on the back, was showcased at the show, and West even walked out wearing the shirt with Candace Owens, a politician, author, and activist for the conservative party. Together, the two showed off the new designs, and almost immediately the public went onto social media to either condemn or support West’s actions. 

Shortly after Paris Fashion Week, West was interviewed by Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson. Carlson’s interview with West held division within itself, but the biggest takeaway from it was West’s statement. When asked about the truth behind the text on his shirt, West simply stated “They do.” Many can agree to disagree with this, but many will also agree there isn’t just solely one group of people that matters over another. 

“I think that every single person is important no matter what, including White, Black, Hispanic, Asian, no matter what you are. Everyone is equal,” said Madison Eichenberger (10). 

All that was said in the interview is left to personal opinion, but many celebrities also put in their two-cents on the situation. Many celebrities went to Twitter, condemning the actions of Ye as “racist,” “foolish,” and even ”absurd.” Celebrities are known to drive opinions of their fan base, so this led to their followers slandering West as well. 

After many celebrities criticized West over social media, companies tied with the musician started taking their own actions against his excessive behavior. Banking giant, JP Morgan, recently cut ties with West. Not only does this impact West himself, but it also affects Yeezy’s product line, as profits ran through or were stored in JP Morgan banks. 

Another big drop was that of Balenciaga, a nationwide clothing store. West’s Yeezy was set to soon release in Balenciaga stores across the nation, but with the cut ties, the Yeezy productions were halted. Companies, like Adidas, have reviewed relationship ties, but West may pull out before corporate ideas hit the news headlines, and announced that he will “more than likely” leave corporate America and open his own stores. Outlandish? Yes, but when hasn’t West made a controversial statement such as this before.

As a result of excessive social media drama, West’s social media accounts have been locked, both on Twitter and Instagram. West’s Instagram account was previously suspended for offensive posts, and that is the exact same reason to why it got suspended again, as he has recently made incredibly anti-semitic remarks. 

West’s Twitter, however, is a complicated one, as Tesla CEO Elon Musk welcomed Ye back to Twitter, yet his account was still locked. There are mixed emotions based upon these companies actions. 

“That’s your own social media. You can really do what you want. It’s a freedom to do so,” said Maddie McIntosh (12).

The Twitter confusion continues to be under review, but the Instagram ban remains up in the air, as it is not certain if or when West will be able to have access to those social media platforms again.

Even with all of his controversies, many don’t shy away from West’s music. West’s music continues to be incredibly influential, and he holds many ACE, AEC, American Music, BET, Grammy, MTV, Teen Choice, and World Music awards. 

“It’s music. It doesn’t connect with his actions. It isn’t like his music is connected with his actions. I’m fine listening to it,” said Erick Tagnipez (9).

Others try to take different approaches with anything associated with the musician, such as JC Baka (12). “I try to separate people’s work from themselves. He does make good music, but he’s a little crazy. I like his music, don’t get me wrong, but his actions sometimes are a different story.”

This year has been quite a stir for West. Through a very public divorce, feuds, and mainstream controversy, he has found ways to make it onto every headline. It isn’t uncommon to hear about West, but for what he’s now known for, it isn’t quite a public image other people would want to emulate. Whether he explains his actions through social media, interviews, or quick little messages, Ye always states he’s glad, “to have stepped over the boundary line.”